Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween
From Scooter's Mommy!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's a Bird...It's a Plane...



Scooter: Oh wooooooe is me.
Scooter: Oh wooooooe is me.
Scooter: Oh wooooooe is me.

Me: Uh, Scooter...
Scooter: Oh the pain, the suffering, the heartbreak of psoriasis.
Me: You don't have psoriasis.
Scooter: It's worse. You brought home a cat. A girl cat. A FEEEEmale.
Me: Isn't she great Scooter??
**(And this is where it got interesting!!)
Scooter: "Mmrmrrrrroooooorwrooooweroooowerooooweroooowerooower"
CRICKET: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Erik: What was that??
Scooter: **See above.
Me: Are we sensing jealousy here??
Scooter: No. Angst. Anger. Plotting.
Me: Scooter...just look at her!! She's adorable.
Scooter: She's "here". How long is she staying?? A couple of days?? A week?? I guess a week would be ok. I could hang out under the couch and shred the wall.
Me: Well big fella...it's like this...
Scooter: WHAT????? No no no no no no no. Look, I'm a stand up guy (He is...he begs like a dog.) but what's with the girly girl?? We don't need her. Look at her...she's a girl. She's going to sit around all day and primp.
Me: Uh, YOU primp all day.
Scooter: Ok, bad example. Stop wounding me like this. I won't blap for a week!! I'll come when you call me!! I won't turn my nose up at my food (except that icky stuff I don't like).
Me: You're ok with this?

Scooter: I'm hungry.
Me: This is getting off topic.

Scooter: I'll be under the sofa shredding the wall.


And thus...we got Cricket.

I love cats. I can't help it and make no apologies for it. When it comes to cats as pets they are obnoxious, rude, standoff-ish and downright cuddly.

It's been almost three weeks now and Cricket the Cat is settling in nicely. Although his poor nose is slightly out of joint, Scooter is coming to terms with the fact that there is now another mouth to feed and we really do still love him.

Cricket could care less about the fact that there is another cat in the house, and given the chance she would become the "Alpha Dog". Scooter is when all is said and done, a big marshmallow.

Cricket is 3 years old to Scooter's 9. She was adopted from a shelter run out of a local pet supply company. She had been in a home with her brother and a dog. Sadly, the children in the home developed allergies and the animals needed new "forever homes".

Kittens...those delicious little fluff balls are irresistible but there is something so endearing about an adult cat who really needs a home. They look at you with eyes that say, "I didn't get here by choice."

Scooter's reaction was important to us too however. He is after all good enough to let us live with him. We kept Cricket in a room by herself for a couple of days. This gave her time to settle in and get used to new smells and new surroundings. It gave Scooter a chance to get over his migraine.

Once the initial shock was over we slowly moved Cricket out into the living room. Over the week, we moved her food bowl ever closer to Scooter's. ("A plot...a plot", he cries!!)

Despite a few gnarly hissy fits...we're blending as a family. We've officially become 2 cats, no waiting.

There's a moral in here somewhere, but I can't think of it.