Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Scooter and the girly girl, Cricket wish you and yours a wonderful holiday!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

The Green Eyed Monster...

The Green Eyed Monster

Me: What are you staring at??
Scooter: Her.
Me: Her, meaning Cricket??
Scooter: Yes...I'm plotting her demise.
Me: Uh...why??
Scooter: Woe and general nonhappiness.
Me: Woe?? ...and I don't think "nonhappiness" is a word
Scooter: I'm suffering grave mental anguish and you're worried about grammar.
Me: Oh not this again. I love you equally and in different ways.
Scooter: She's trying to be cute and steal your affection.
Me: She IS cute...but Scooter you'll always be my "little man".
Scooter: She's staring at me.
Me: Uh, could be because you're staring at HER.
Scooter: It's a little disconserting.
Me: The two of you are hopeless.
Scooter: Maybe I could just strong arm her. You know, show her my general strength and natural prowess.
Me: the man sort of thing??
Scooter: run at full her how fast I am.
Me: Like "the chair incident" the other day??
Scooter: Well, that was uncalled for. I don't feel comfortable talking about it.
Me: We'll leave that for another day then??
Scooter: Another day...another millenia
Me: You scared the giblets out of me...not to mention Rebecca.
Scooter: I was trying to keep you on your toes.
Me: It scared YOU.
Scooter: That's below the belt.
Me: You don't wear a belt.
Scooter: Details.
Me: Don't you have something to shred??
Scooter: No, but I'm thinking about tossing a hairball on the rug.
Me: I can't wait.
Scooter: You DO care.

There are times that I wonder what goes through the mind of a cat. No, scratch that (pun intended) there are times I wonder if ANYTHING goes through the mind of a cat.
Cricket...the new girl on the block is quite enjoying her life of leisure. She has staked out little places that are her exlusive domain and there she's quite content to snooze and snore.
Scooter, on the other hand feels it necessary to impress the fire out of Cricket. I thought at first that he'd get this out of his system but oh no...EVERY day is "I'm the man...look at me day". On Wednesday, Rebecca was with me...home sick from school. She snoozed on the sofa and had the occasional sip of apple juice. I was doing my best to keep the house quiet so that she would rest. Little did I know...

Out of the blue Scooter bounded like a Banshee on steroids!! His shoulders and head down he ran like a bull moose in the rut. Instead of downing trees Scooter headed straight for the glider rocker.

Rebecca turned to watch...
I was by the stereo...
Scooter went in for the kill...
What happend next is a little blurry...
There was a crash. Rebecca bolted up. I very nearly brought the stereo down on top of me.
She didn't even open her snoozing eyes.
Poor Scooter. He got the worst of it. Not only was he embarassed...his eyes were huge and he had a look of terror that is only seen in really bad Sci-Fi movies from the 50's. He retreated to the girls' room.
Rebecca was impressed with the rocker lying prone on the floor. My heart rate reached an all-time high. Scooter's ego was bruised. Cricket slept.
Life goes on.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, November 06, 2006

Scooter Says...

and it has my Mommy scared to death!!
Oh ya...warming my fur by the tree lights...swatting at ornaments...chasing Cricket by the hearth.
Nothing quite says the Holidays like terrorizing the family!!
I was thinking of making a list for myself of things that I neeeeeeeeed. If you have any suggestions, please drop me a line.
Meanwhile, I'm working on my "cute and innocent" look. (See above)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wordless Wednesday!!