Monday, November 06, 2006

Scooter Says...

and it has my Mommy scared to death!!
Oh ya...warming my fur by the tree lights...swatting at ornaments...chasing Cricket by the hearth.
Nothing quite says the Holidays like terrorizing the family!!
I was thinking of making a list for myself of things that I neeeeeeeeed. If you have any suggestions, please drop me a line.
Meanwhile, I'm working on my "cute and innocent" look. (See above)


Katherine said...

Ha, you indeed do look "cute and innocent" in that picture, Scooter. Too bad we already know the "real" you! But, we still love ya.

Shelley said...

From my Dear Darlin' Friend, Jan..."Scooty Baby~
I have some holiday suggestions for you, hot offa "As Hawked on Da Tube":
Roncho's Blap Bronzer, to preserve those furry projectiles for posterity, if any...
Madame Fury's Love Elixers~
Put some furious love in your life. Available in Catnip, Egg Cream and Sardine. Just a sip and she will flip!
And last but not least, *Magi-Mouse* Skeet-shooters. Hours of paw practice as the mice seem to fly...

Lotsa love! I enjoyed your hee-larious blogs!