Monday, September 25, 2006

The Long Hello...

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Scooter: Ok, so that's the longest extended Honeymoon in the history of Honeymoondom.

Me: It wasn't really a Honeymoon Scooter. I've been lazy. I have no excuses.

Scooter: So, once more, you left me with SO much to say and no way to say it.

Me: You're upset.

Scooter: And my brush with death?? Who knows of this??

Me: All those who care about you know, Scooter.

Scooter: you DID send out a world wide email at least.

Me: I give up.

Since last we visited Scooter's World...

Shelley and Erik were married!! Yes, it's true, it's true!! It was a lovely little ceremony with Erik's brother Nik as best man and my dear friend Susan as Matron of Honor. It was chilly out, but the day was bri...


Me: Scooter, your strongarm tactics are getting nastier as the years go on. You really are a grumpy old man.

Let's see...where to begin...

The night before we were to tie the knot, we noticed that our boy was not only quiet but downright pale and limping. We thought perhaps he'd jumped up somewhere and injured himself. There was no sign of a broken limb. We thought this a very good sign until...

The beginnings of "stomach troubles".

Scooter: Wait a minute...hold the phone...hold everything!!

Me: What??

Scooter: No one wants to hear about my...uh...problem that night.

Me: Well, suck it up insisted that we talk about're talking about YOU.

Scooter: Slink...slink...slink.

Me: And now to continue...and if the weak-stomachs want to stop here, I will understand.

Scooter: Can I leave now too??

Me: I am guilt-free here were the one who decided to get sick when you did. Now as I started to say...Scooter started to limp...worse yet, he had some SEVERE stomach issues going on. He had the runs in olympic proportions.

Scooter: I think I'll go shred the violets now.

Me: At this point, it was almost 2 am and things (Scooter included) were "slowing down". We made the decision to call first thing in the am.

Scooter: I could have died.

Me: Go shred the violets while I finish the story.

Scooter: Munch, munnnch, burp.


Without going into a long drawn out detail, we had our ceremony (MARRIED!!) and came home and picked up the cat and went to the vet's office. We have the dubious honor of being the first people to come in on their wedding day. Now I ask you, who keeps track of these things??

The vet could find nothing wrong with the front leg that he was favoring, but he was still having obvious difficulties.

We were sent home with some Kitty Imodium (hurray) and the next day he would have exrays ($$), bloodwork ($$), and numerous other $$$$$$'s.

In wrapping up...Scooter was put on an antibiotic for fear of a parasite and steroids for his joint pain. It was with sadness that we allowed the steroids because now we know his dream of playing with the New York Yankees will not be realized.

The happy news is that our boy is back to his grumpy self, shredding violets and attacking any passing legs that come his way.

As for Erik and me...happy as clams...and revelling in saying Mr and Mrs...and furry son.

Annette said...

I am still so happy for you! So glad also that Scooter is doing better and can sit up and beg again.

3:06 PM


Katherine said...

That's a great pic of your "furry son." Congratulations on your marriage!! Hope Scooter is feeling much better.

Holli said...

That is so wonderful - congratulations!!! I bet you had a wonderful wedding and it's somewhat of a relief to have that big day behind you. At least I think it would be? And now for all the wedded bliss!

It totally stands to reason some bizarre animal issue would come up on my wedding day. In fact, I'm counting on it.

I love that you were the first couple to get that award. Did you wear wedding attire?

I hope Scooter is doing okay?