Sunday, March 12, 2006

Scooter: What's THIS??

Me: It's where the hair parts on your tummy.

Scooter: How COULD you?? The horror. The mortification.

Me: What?? It's adorable. Look at that fluffy soft fur!!

Scooter: It's embarrassing. Besides, I don't want just anyone looking at my tummy fur. It's a sacred thing.

Me: (stifling a snicker) Uh...sacred?? Aren't you getting a little carried away now??

Scooter: No. I'm very serious. I have a following of people that have come to expect a level of dignity and decorum on these pages.

Me: We're talking about the same blog, right??

Scooter: Please don't talk to me right now. I'm feeling violated.

Me: Perhaps you should go and lie down.

Scooter: Good idea. I'll grab a bite to eat on the way.


Our cat is just as guilty of vanity as the next person is.

It's comical.

He primps, he preens and sometimes when you catch him doing his "tubby time" he's mortified. He wants to slink away and hope that you weren't really looking in his direction.

He'll even change the subject by suddenly and very deliberately staring off in another direction. We try to go along with the little man, but there are times that Scooter becomes the comic relief in the day.

Sorry Scooter.

He's retired to a quiet corner and following his snack he is no doubt contemplating his next hairball.


Suz said...

LOL, Sounds like your cat and my two would get along perfectly!

Hugs Suz

Marv said...

ha.ha...that was funny!!!!!! =b