Friday, January 20, 2006

Scooter: I'm famous.

Me: You're what??

Scooter: I'm famous. Thousands read about my glorious self yesterday.

Me: Well, we know at least three people did.

Scooter: Three, thousands, it doesn't matter. I'm famous and now I am universally adored.

Me: Don't you consider yourself a little vain over all this??

Scooter: Vain is such a harsh word. I'm wounded.

Me: You're not wounded. (I roll my eyes.)

Scooter: Do you think this picture shows my sweet and innocent side??

Me: Absolutely Scooter, and I won't even mention the time you tried to drag the roast chicken off the table.

Scooter: That hurts. Oh my fifth rib.


There's been no living with Scooter since his debut into the Thursday Thirteens. He had so much more that he wanted to share. He kept trying to sit on the keyboard. I have no idea what his tushie would have typed out. If he just had thumbs though...look out world; he'd be one furry little journalist.

He celebrated his brush with greatness by sleeping on the sofa. He doesn't normally do this as he prefers the coziness of the feather bed in our room. I think he snoozes on the sofa for special occasions. Maybe it's like going on a little vacation. You know the kind. The bed isn't quite as comfy as yours at home, but the room is different and the excitement of just being there is enough to counterbalance that "harder than home" bed. Who knows.

Is it even possible to get into the mind of a cat?? There's an open question. They go from one end of the realm to the other. Cats play stupid so well...when in reality they're planning world domination. Hey...I saw Logan's Run. Don't tell me they can't outlast us!!

I think Scooter is part of some great underground network of Intellicats. Even now, he's trying to put a halt to this publication. 22 lbs of fur just walked across the keyboard. No wonder the last one just gave out. It was crushed under the weight. I digress.

For now I will watch out for those sea-green eyes and their wiley ways, the purr of his internal Evinrude motor and the velvet softness of his caramel colored tummy. They get me everytime.

Our furry companions. Where would we be without them??

And now without further delay. World, meet Scooter. Scooter, your adoring fans await.


Radioactive Jam said...

"Human can opener" - what an *awesome* line. And regarding Scooter's counting visitors, he (and you) might appreciate a line I saw in a Dilbert comic. Dogbert was scamming someone into buying ad space in a new (nonexistent) magazine. He said its readership was between one and three billion people. The guy goes, "Wow! Count me in!"

So Scooter's count is somewhere between one and three thousand. At least.

Suz said...

Hehehe, I'll say it again, love the way you post thru scooter. Nice to see a picture of him. He looks like my Milo only bigger but iam sure if Milo is anything like my other one Simba he will catch up in time.

How old is Scooter?

Shelly, hope you are having a good day.

Hugs Suz

mack said...

I intend to incorporate Scooter count into my reality...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by my blog =) Scooter is adorable!

Katherine said...

He's beautiful! I can understand why he's a little vain. Of course, what cat isn't?