Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Scooter: It's dark outside. I should sleep.

Me: You sleep all the time.

Scooter: See??

Me: Why don't you do something meaningful??

Scooter: What, like blog??


Ok, so here's the question. Is he right??

This could be one of the great mysteries of life. Of course, it could be that I simply own a lazy cat. A big lazy cat.

Scooter knows when I don't feel well. He knows it better than anyone. Having lupus as I do is an everyday adventure and a real pain.

When I'm down and sick Scooter is my shadow and he stays by me in bed. I was down today and have been for a couple of days. Between us, we've made dents in the feather bed from just laying around. Scooter doesn't mind losing these days. I mean he'd be sleeping somewhere anyhow, but I on the other hand feel cheated by all of it.

I wanted to catch the story on the TODAY show this morning about the sale of their 2005 Green Room Book. There are over 400 signatures in the book collected over the year and right now it's up for sale on eBay. 100% of the proceeds will benefit The Lupus Foundation of America ( Of course I was sick with the lupus this morning and slept right through it. There is something strangely ironic about that.

Somewhere this afternoon, I managed to get up and going again. Scooter is worn out from looking after me. He's decided to stay in bed a little longer. No doubt he'll wake up in time to eat something, just in time to go to bed. I wish I had his stamina.

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Suz said...

Hi & Welcome to blogging. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Love the way you post your comments talking with and thru your cat. Your last post brought chills to me and I could almost feel how you did.

May I ask how long you have had Lupus? I see you are in the Hudson Valley, that also give me chills. Tha last place I lived in NY was Poughkeepsie.

I'll be back.

Hugs Suz