Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thirteen Things about SCOOTER!!

1. Chicken is the center of the universe as I know it.

2. Napping is an artform. It should be worked at until perfect.

3. I weigh over 22 lbs. Mommy said she would make me into a toilet seat cover if I listed her weight.

4. I sit up and beg like a dog.

5. Hairballs rule.

6. Blapping is not only useful but it's recreational as well. Never worry about where you throw up either.

7. If I only had thumbs...

8. I'm old enough to drive...but I can't reach the pedals.

9. I have no front claws. How did I let THAT happen??

10. I have back claws but they're covered with Soft Claws. I'll figure how to get them off if it's the last thing I ever do.

11. My Mommy loves it when the clock says 11:11. Strange woman.

12. I am an indoor cat. They need me to be the heavy in case of intruders.

13. I hate all things BUG!! I knock them down, catch them, and then gnaw them until their lifeless bodies are at my mercy...then I bat them around the floor. So sue me, I'm a cat.

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Suz said...

Happy 1st TT!

I giggled at your list. I have 2 cats and they do all of those. I thought my cat Simba weighed alot @ 16 pounds.

Wow, on how close you are to where I use to be.

Hugs Suz

Suz said...

P.S. I will blogroll you :-)

Hugs Suz

Suz said...

Go back to where you post and hit edit by your Thursday 13 post. Add my name where "other TT links go for example: 1. Suz

then highlight my name, keeping name highlighter go to top of the page and click on the green dot next to the color choice thing, a box should come up, put my link in that box and hit ok. That should do it ... I hope.

Just started blogging in Sept and just getting the hang of it myself.
Then click on publish post

Good Luck

Hugs Suz

Mama B said...

Great first TT. Enjoyed learning about Scooter!! I found you via Suz! My 13 are up too!

Marv said...

Hello Scooter!! just want to drop by and say hi! saw your link from suz =)

Katherine said...

Hi Scooter! You sound like you rule the roost! I would love for your mommy to post a picture of you. Here's pics of my guys.