Saturday, January 07, 2006

Scooter is a cat.

A huge cat...even by cat standards.

He's 22 lbs. and some odd ounces. I scares me too.

Sometimes, he speaks...sometimes...if you're listening.


Today Scooter watched with some trepidation as Hazel the Roomba wound her way around the dining room. I know what he was thinking. He hates her. He's intimidated by Hazel, this much is certain. More than that though. He hates her. I know that in his cat dreams he pounces on her with all the ferocity of a mountain lion. As he throws her lifeless ragdoll form into the air, a sense of great pride wells up inside of him. The victorious and the prey.

This is, of course, the point in the dream where he wakes up. Foiled again, he is forced to co-exist with Hazel.

I think this is why he sleeps so much...just so he can have this dream over and over again.

Hazel is oblivious to Scooter's hatred for her. In fact she does everything in her power to cozy up to him. (This could be one of the reasons he hates her. It's just a hunch.) We've taken to telling him that "Hazel is going to make noise". He looks at me with "that big red round thing" is on the prowl eyes.

He hates her.

When Hazel turns left, Scooter runs for the safety and dreams of the bed. He pauses as he passes.

"I hate her," he says and off he goes.


Katherine said...

Ha! My cats hate the vacuum, too. One goes so far as to hiss and swat at it with his big fat paw.

Annette said...

Oh goodie, I look forward to reading through this